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Management & Marketing

The Department of Management and Marketing provides students with opportunities to develop competencies in areas of Management and Marketing.  Major degree programs are offered in Management and Marketing and a concentration is available in the area of Human Resources Management.  The curriculum in the Department of Management and Marketing is designed to produce students who will be able to succeed in a highly competitive, global society.

dovalThe Department of Management and Marketing develops students' communication skills, both oral and written, for the efficient performance of management andmarketing functions at all levels of an organization.  The department also prepares students to become effective managers and marketers in business firms, educational institutions, government, business industries, and other organizations.

The Management and Marketing Department teaches students to have a global perspective of business and other organizations with particular emphasis on the requisite skills needed for effective management and marketing in different cultures. The department develops students' sensitivities to ethical and moral responsibilities in the conduct of their organizational and personal functions.

The department also encourages students to become cognizant of the interrelationships among the sub-fields of business, and knowledgeable of the correlation between management &marketing and other disciplines.  It encourages scholarly contributions to knowledge, sharing of scholarly information, and efforts to remain on the leading edge of management and marketing research so that faculty can provide the highest quality instructional services to students.

The department offers a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) in Management and a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.) in Marketing.  The Department of Management and Marketing offers minors in Management, International Business, and Marketing.

The Business Professionals of America (BPA) provides students with opportunities for professional growth through its professional speaker series and many workshops. The American Marketing Association (AMA) provides students with a general understanding of marketing through service projects and case studies. Internships and scholarships are available for qualified students. (More on the RFL Clubs and Organizations)

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