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Somasheker  Akkaladevi

Akkaladevi, Dr. Somasheker

Computer Information Systems

Assistant Professor

Phone: (804) 504-7097
Location: Singleton Hall, Room 211

Dr. Somasheker Akkaladevi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Information Systems; his research interests include: Information Assurance, Artificial Intelligence, Wireless Security, Bio-Informatics, Computer Networks, Computer Architecture, Algorithms, Parallel and Distributed Computing. Dr. Akkalsadevi's teaching interests include: Artificial Intelligence, Computation Intelligence, Bio-Informatics, Computer Networks (Optical & Wireless networks), Computer Architecture, Operating...

Systems, System Programming, Database Systems, Algorithms, Parallel and Distributed Computing, and Software Engineering. He has several book chapters, journal publications (peer-reviewed), and conference publications (peer-reviewed). He currently serves as the chair of the Faculty Composition and Develop Committee and member of the Management Information Systems Department Curriculum Committee and Faculty Senate. He is also a referee for journals and conferences.

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