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Allan Harvie, Jr.

Harvie, Jr., Allan

ADANAC Hospitality Group/Virginians 4 Haiti

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Born in Prince Edward Island, Canada, Allan Harvie began playing organized hockey at age two and ended up playing his final four years professionally in Europe.  Following his hockey career, Allan had a very successful career hotel and restaurant management and then in sales.  Allan became a much in demand international sales and motivational speaker/trainer, traveling around the world speaking at cities on nearly every continent.  In 1990, he started ADANAC Sports Management, Ltd. that owned the Richmond Renegades professional hockey team that became one of the most successful teams in minor league sports.  He formed the St. Petersburg (FL) Renegades in 1992.   He sold both teams in 1993 and formed ADANAC Rink Management, Ltd., building and operating ice skating rinks in Virginia and Florida plus the world’s largest transportable ice rink.  He also developed ADANAC Concessions Group.  He reacquired and operated the Richmond Renegades in 2006 until the downturn in the economy forced the team to close in 2009.  ADANAC Sports Management, Ltd. continues to provide sports consulting to clients in North America. 

Following the Haiti earthquake in January 2010, Allan immediately formed virginians4haiti (, a humanitarian group with the goal of providing medical and humanitarian aid to the victims of the earthquake.  He has taken several medical teams to Port-au-Prince and Jacmel and now leads a team moving 1,502 families (over 7,500 people) from a very dangerous low-lying area in Jacmel to higher ground. 

In June 2010, he announced the Arena Lacrosse League (, a professional indoor lacrosse league with teams from New York to Florida.  Allan will be the President and Commissioner of the league scheduled to begin play in February 2011. For the past three years, Allan has been a guest lecturer at VSU and at the University of Richmond. Eighteen months ago, Allan formed Richmond Sports Leaders, a group of the top sports owners and sports management leaders in Richmond, with the objective of improving sports at all levels in the greater Richmond area.  An accomplished photographer, Allan provides photographic services to hundreds of clients and maintains photography is his true love, “next to hockey”.  He will be a featured photographer in the new magazine, ARRIVED, with the first edition scheduled to come out in November 2010.

ADANAC Hospitality Group/Virginians 4 Haiti
P.O. Box 2446
Richmond, Virginia 23218
(804) 201-3639

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