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Reginald F. Lewis College of Business

Mission Statement


To prepare innovative, dynamic, and ethical business professionals for Virginia and a global society.


To be a distinguished provider of business talent.


Educating, Empowering, Evolving

Goals and Objectives

1. Goal: Students will be able to integrate competencies from varied disciplines in order to make affective business decisions.

Objectives: Students will:

• Identify problems by analyzing all relevant information and clearly understand their impact on business operations

• Develop and evaluate alternative solutions to resolve business problems

• Implement the chosen solutions and assess outcomes

• Synthesize the interrelationships between the different parts and functions of a business and develop an understanding of the business entity as a whole

2. Goal: Students will be proficient in the use of relevant technologies in order to solve business problems

Objectives: Students will:

• Utilize appropriate technology to assist in solving business problems

• Demonstrate the ability to collect, process and analyze data; and report results

•Demonstrate the use of technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity

3. Goal: Students will understand the dynamics of a global economy.

Objectives: Students will :

• Demonstrate an understanding of important global issues that affect the business environment

• Demonstrate knowledge of ethical issues and legal aspects of business

4. Goal: Students will learn effective communication and collaboration skills

Objectives: Students will:

• Prepare and present assigned or extemporaneous written material

• Prepare and present assigned or extemporaneous oral material

• Work collaboratively in teams

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