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Message From The Dean

The end of a semester and particularly in spring is a bit of mixed feelings not just for the students, some of whom are graduating, but for the faculty and staff too.  In the Reginald F. Lewis College of Business, we are very intentional about relationships.  So, when a group of young professionals cross the stage we are joyous for their accomplishments but we are in a way sad to see them go. 

This year is no different but because of their commitment to success we are confident in their future.

Indeed, our graduating seniors’ accolades are impressive and include jobs at places like Deloitte, CoStar, KPMG, the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Cintas, and the Virginia Housing Development Authority.  In their tenure in the College, they were featured on television, volunteered countless hours in the community, accrued tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships, studied abroad, and lifted up their underclassmen.

Regarding the latter, the cupboard for the College is hardly bare!  Students returning next academic year to resume their studies are like their predecessors achieving in a big way.  This summer for example they will intern at Altria, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Prudential, Thomson Reuters, KPMG, Johnson & Johnson, Union Bank & Trust, Retail Merchants Association of Richmond, Ernst & Young, Virginia Department of Transportation, Dominion, Toyota, etc.   

Altogether, students in the College are doing very well but none of their accomplishments would be possible absent the hard work and dedication of our faculty and staff.  I have never seen a more dedicated group of persons commit to their students even when requiring long hours and going above and beyond.  From accompanying students to conferences out of town to gifting opportunities to attend dinners and lunches to rehearsing speeches over and over with students for a competition to visiting local schools to recruit, faculty and staff are demonstrating leadership.  What is more regards the countless “after-hours” tutoring, the late-night phone calls to provide solace to a student in a time of grief, the congratulatory notes, or the impromptu happy birthday sung in the hallway.  A special thanks is owed to Mrs. Denise Allen, Dr. Mark Kunze, and Mr. Marcus Hubbard who are all adjourning their service to the College.

As Dean, I am often commended for the College’s many accomplishments but I have to remind persons that I am very fortunate to work with so many terrific professionals.  I am grateful for the tremendous support provided by our alumni, industry, and University leadership. I cannot say that my job is easy but they truly make it easier.  For that and for another amazing semester, thank you!!!! 

Dr. Emmanuel Omojokun

2019 Grads

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